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Video : Occupy Wall Street (U.S.) the 'No Comment 1 Art Show' (2011)

This short video is of the art show 'No Comment' which was organised by Marika Maiorova as part of Occupy Wall Street in New York (U.S.) in September - October 2011.

The show included a wide range of art forms and creative media, e.g : performance, music, paintings, sculpture, video installations, etc. It is a great illustration of how the arts and social / political activity can interact, inspire and contribute to each other. More 'No Comment' art shows were organised in 2012 and 2013.

Many artists contributed to the Exhibition, including :

Martin Abrahams, Air Hit Agency, Joe Alterio, Benjamin Andrew, Marcia Annenberg, May Anuntarurojsun, Shavell T.Baillerm, Brad Baker, Tal Samson Battat, Chelsea Beech, Susanne Broughel, Elisa Blynn, Tom Calderon, Penny Carlson, Charissa Che, Olga Chemokhyd, Russell Christian, Chris Creath, Carla Cubit, Peggy Cyphers, Marikama Dado, Lucian Delfan, Lauren Fagan, Kate Fauvell, Gianluca Fellini, Elidana Forta, Judith Fourny, Rainer Ganahl, Carla Gannis, Shane Garron, Wolf Geyr, Michael P. Glover, Andy Golub, Michael Greathouse, Matt Casey Haberman, Paul Hammacott, Basem Hassan, Erik Hendrickson, Christian Hooker, G.H. Hovagimyan, Sean Hovendick, Matt Huynh, Lee Wells, and Katie Peyton.