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Video : Banksy - Make this the Year YOU Discover a New Destination (2014)

In this short video the British street and graffiti artist Banksy shows scenes taken from his recent visit to Gaza, one of the Palestinian Territories.

Gaza is surrounded on three sides by Israel and on the fourth side by the Mediterranean sea, and separated from the other Palestinian Territories. Palestine was accorded "non-Member Observer Status" in the United Nations in 2012.

Gaza is a practical enclave, surrounded and controlled by Israel. Gaza is considered to be "Occupied" by the United Nations, by international Human Rights organisations, the majority of governments and a host of other legal and official bodies around the world.

Despite the 'disengagement' from Gaza by Israel (since 2005) Israel has full control over :
(a) Gaza's air and maritime space
(b) six of the seven land crossings into Gaza,
(c) maintaining a no-go buffer zone inside Gaza territory,
(d) all trade, water, sewerage, electricity, currency, communication networks,
(e) issuing IDs
(f) issuing permits to enter and leave Gaza, etc.

Israel also reserves the right to re-enter Gaza at will for regular military incursions. Water and electricity supplies are switched off randomly on a daily basis.

Life for the 1.82 million men, women and children who live in this overcrowded piece of land is therefore almost entirely controlled by Israel.

You will see from Banksy's captions in this video that there are many other constraints, limitations, hardships and restrictions suffered by the people in Gaza.

As Banksy wryly observes, Gaza is not yet ready to become an obvious tourist destination.