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Annual Awards for Red Line Art Works (Entry is FREE)

*** CLOSING DATE : Midnight on 31st December 2019 ***

Our annual Awards are open (FREE) at all times to all artists and creative people in all art forms & creative media, worldwide. Remember, we exist to promote art works that reflect the world's big global issues. If you make art with a conscience, then we want to show it to the world. To enter your own work see 'Show Your Work Here'

The first Red Line Art Works Awards (for works we received before the end of 2015) were made in February 2016 (details of the winners are here). The second Awards were made in February 2017 (details here).

The next Awards will be for works received by the end of 2019 and the Awards will be made early in 2020.

Each year the two Award Winners will each receive a Trophy - a superb piece of hand-held sculpture cast in Bronze (see photo below), created by Rita Lazaro.

Red Line Art Works Annual Award Trophy

The first Award will be for the best individual piece of Red Line Art Work and the winner will receive a trophy and £100.

The second Award will be for the best series of Red Line Art Works and the winner will receive a trophy and £200.

The Awards process is open - you do not have to apply or fill in a form. Make sure we receive your work any time before the closing date at midnight on 31st December 2019. Simply use our normal submission process, see 'Show Your Work Here'.

All work we receive from 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019 will be considered for this year's Awards. Note : All work received after this year's closing date will automatically be considered for next year's Awards.